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Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(245 total ratings)
Tags2D, Adult, Eroge, Erotic, futanari, Hentai, monstergirl, NSFW, Pixel Art
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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It wont let me play it keeps saying "file not found"

you have to use winrar. 7zip doesnt work for some games

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so the bundle version from a long time ago isn't 1.0 then?


I'm affraid that the "Pay What You Want" Adult (18+) Action Games Demo Bundle #3!doesn't include the v1.0.

It does give you access to this page with the v0.9. However this is also a "pay what you want" kind of page. That bundle was a way to help little devs! 

If this is now the Old Build, does that mean there is now a New Build


Coming soon!



The game does not react to Num-Enter and boots you directly into a cutscene without allowing changing the text speed first.

Thats as far as i got before closing it.

I'm... sorry :c

Will we have an Android version?

It won't cause engine limitations, sorry :c



Tis very fun. I beat it first try! :3


i keep running into a  problem when every time i try and start the game it says "MSVCR not found reinstalling may help" ive tried to download the VCR link from the downloads but it said it was not supported on my pc (windows 11) so i manually downloaded what i presumed to be the latest version of VCR off microsoft and it still didnt work

I can not get past the lever trap in the third stage, no matter what I do I can't get on the floating platform.

yeah the only way i could do it was leaving the stage and returning, the lever being switched is remembered

Great thanks for telling me that 馃憤

no me agarra me sale un error

Hi. i actually really want to play it. however every time i reinstall it and run end up crashing like the 5th time. is that a bug or not? 


If this was on Android it'd be perfect I've been looking for a game like this



How do you beat the 5th boss?

same question here... and no answer in 2months omg :/ could you beat it since then or anyone tips?

You have to go up to the top and she will throw something that will hit the jail where there is an enemy who will free himself and start "attacking" her.


Good game. Is it worth waiting for new content like more girls, femdom(spanking?), etc? As for the game, it's great.



This is a comment from the creator in his Discord

Will the game be avaliable on mac/android?
- There are no plans for that due to the software limitations.


please make the double jump like five pixels higher.

I've learned using the up attack after double jumping helps get a little higher and you can combo double jump, up attack, and dash for maximum distance

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yea i cant boot up the game at all no matter what i try it still wont let me play it so that sucks.


same problem here


Best game ive ever played

In stage 3 I absolutely cannot seem to jump high enough to get back onto the moving platform. I don't feel like it's a me thing, but if it is, maybe lower their floating height a tad? Otherwise, amazing game, I love it!

the air combo gives you a slight boost in height, just enough to get on the platform.

u can double jump dash & then double jump again


This game is definitely one of my favorites :D

I downloaded the file, didn't want to even open when I tried opening the player. Then I downloaded the other thing from the microsoft link and it still didn't want to even boot. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything multiple times. And it never want's to boot up.

Does it show you any kind of message?

Just keeps saying "The code execution cannot proceed MSVCR110.dll was not found.

any chance this being available to mac in the future?

There are no plans for that due to the software limitations

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is there a way to export 0.8 saves to 0.9 or is there to many diferences ?
and wil the 0.9 saves be exportable to 1.0 ?

No, there is no support for transferring old saves to new versions, however when you download a new version of the game, in the space "2" there is a save with all completed saves from the previous version.


After i downlaod the game i can't open it cuz it says its missing a few file

In the official discord there are videos explaining how to fix this, if you can't find them you can ask for help in the help channel

game crashes after the first boss

The voice line boxes don't show up and i Can't interact with the game at all whenever dialouge starts

That is stupid, there really shouldn't be a point in taking damage during the demon teleport

that got fixed in the 0.9 version of the game. (Public version soon)

nice, thank you :)


I really like this game,gameplay is nice and i love artstyle uwu but i stop playing cuz there was no lesbian sex (I am after beating second boss,and i get tried with only futanari.).But still nice game.

Definitely a stupid question (sorry): I'm having trouble figuring out how to play the game after downloading it. What is player.exe and what do I do with the zip file? 

Extract it (you can use WinRar To do that) there is a folder and one of the files inside is called player.exe. Just double click on player.exe to play the game

For some reason i cant click on any save file is this normal?

That can happen when your save file is from a previous version, is it?

hey when i download it it doesn't work can u tell me how to make it work after i Extract it?

Did you open player.exe?

yes, I did and it still doesn't work

Did it show any message? Are u using windows 10?

s im using windows 10 and it puts up a message saying "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP120.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." but it doesn't work.

Installing Visual Studio or downloading this should work.

in the dialogue where the water girl says "your ready come with me it" will bring me somewhere and then immediately teleport me back

i've had that issue once too, i just closed and reopened the game and it got fixed

okay thank

if that doesn't work, just try and move to the right as your being transported

Will there be a Linux version

Not possible due to software (PGMMV) limitations, sorry.




Every time I try to launch this one I get nothing, but when I try to launch the player.exe from the source folder it says "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not fond. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

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Are you using Win10? Installing Visual Studio or downloading this should work.

Another question, cause i'm silly. stage 3, I can't leave the starting area cause I don't know how to get through the small tunnel

You can press down+dash to slide.

Anyone know how to beat the mirror boss? I keep trying but I just can't beat her.


Punch all her illusions and then go back to the main platform and wail on her until she knocks you away, then rinse and repeat.

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Do you know how many rounds until she's all done, cause I usually get to three and I die and she... bullies me.

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