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Nayla's Castle is a (+18) game that contains monster girls, lesbian, femdom and futanari animations and artwork. Inspired by japanese hentai pixel eroges.

"This is weird...
Normal people can't handle the curse.
You're... different."


  • 7 Stages
  • 8 Boss fights
  • 90+ Sex Animations
  • 33 Splash Arts to unlock

Fetish and Theme

  • Ahegao
  • Big Tits
  • Big Ass
  • Creampie
  • Fantasy
  • Female Domination
  • Futanari
  • Lesbian
  • Monster Girls
  • Charm



Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
Tags2D, Adult, Eroge, Erotic, futanari, Hentai, Monster Girls, NSFW, Pixel Art


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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NaylasCastle[DEMO].zip 159 MB

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Love the game my only problem was using the right characters to get certaint scenes, but other then that beautiful game and I like the storyline alot. Looking forward to the next project keep up the good work.

Thanks! means a lot :) I'll try my best!


Tried the demo. Only spent 10 minutes on it but my first impression is so terrible that I'm not going to spend any more time on it, much less money.

The controls suck. There are three control schemes but all of them are awkward and you can't change them. Please I would like to use a control scheme that makes sense, like arrow keys to move and ASD to jump/attack/charm.

Combat feels pretty bad. The short attack range and stiff movement make positioning cumbersome, and the involuntary movement when performing combos is something that should not happen.

Double-jumping is bugged, as it seems to be based on time rather than touching the ground; if you hit your head on a ceiling or land on a platform higher than where you started and jump when you hit the ground, it'll count as a double jump.  This already got me in the tutorial and this does not bode well for the actual platforming down the line.

When I landed on the spikes and died instantly, selecting "continue" made the game softlock.


You can customize the controls by pressing F1 > Settings. (I can tell my control schemes are just my preferences which are not for everyone, and tried to make it so its possible to play "one-handed" lol)

To be honest, combat and jumping could be better, but I liked how it feels, guess I got used to it during the development and didn't improve them more than that. 

Also, sorry if you found bugs during your gameplay. Maybe I should update the demo since I fixed many bugs in the complete game. That softlock should not happen.

Oh and thanks for sharing your honest impression, I'm paying more attention in the game feeling for future games.


Changing the controls made it tolerable, but still not great. I made it through the content in the demo at least. There's a brief period after you land where you can't attack for some reason.

The platforming is in an odd place where almost every jump has to be a double jump, but dashes are underutilized.

Every enemy encounter is the same button mashing because they just get stunlocked unless you space yourself slightly wrong, or they launch an attack with no warning in the case of the hovering egypt enemy.

The level design is a lot of nothing. Jump along and mash the punch button when something is in front of you. Very linear except when there are two ways to go and you have to go to one of them first and then backtrack (double backtracking if you arbitrarily picked wrong first). Moving platforms exist only to make you wait.

The slime boss is... strange for a first boss, being the hardest by far of the three in the demo, as well as the most counterintuitive. Its behavior completely changes at a certain point and then you have to figure out that you have to avoid where it appears because of the splash attack, but the red attack makes it vulnerable beforehand. The mirror witch is ridiculously easy and the pharoah boss is alright apart from the tell-less attacks.


How should I buy this game on Steam?cuz when I click the link. it says“The item is not currently available in your area”😫😭

humm, I have no clue, where are you from? maybe steam doesn't allow this content in your country? : (

so which country allow this game?maybe I could change the IP and buy it

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I think anywhere in Europe except Germany...  USA should be fine too

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Am I doing something wrong? I feel like the difficulty on Nayla is quite a jump or maybe there's something easy that I'm missing. Glad I finally came back to the game though; outside of some kinda wonky controls it's pretty solid

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It's possible to change the controls by pressing F1 and click on Settings.

Thanks for playing <3

how do you enter the dungeon map for the last animations?

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After buying the Painting of a Maid and completing it, someone will be waiting for you with a hint at the bedroom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When playing on linux, wine or the compatibility layer used by the itch.io launcher have trouble with some of the effect :/ At the beginning of some of the lewd scene the screen go white with  a quarter in a corner going black and during the slime boss after hitting it with a combo two times, the whole screen go white for a time then I don't see the slime but I get damaged every now and then.

I really like what I have seen of the game so far

I think the engine (Pixel Game Maker MV) doesn't support linux, also the devs aren't planning to add it anytime soon.

I hope you could try it on windows if you like my game =) 



Would it be possible to see some transformation and/or corruption content involved in some of the future animations or maybe some of the current ones? I feel like there's been quite a few times when I've been defeated by something like the alrunae or one of the big demon fights, or say a werewolf and wished that something unique would've happened upon defeat. Especially in the scene where the other character you play as in the heaven and hell part is corrupted and turned into a demon, yet the same doesn't happen to you if you lose.

So, any chance of something like that being added in the future?


Hi there, I'm affraid there are no plans for that since I'm working on a new game. I'm taking notes from your comment though!


My developer friend. Please tell me futa on female content will be there!


Since it's my favourite (erotic) genre, it will. =)


No spoilers wanted but by when would it be expected to be released 😃


Its going to take a while, ngl but I'm really motivated with the new project =) can't tell an estimate date, but will try to bring a demo/prototype soon

I'm having trouble launching the game. The game starts, then I select "New Game" mode in the main menu. And after that, when selecting a save slot, nothing happens. The game does not start when selecting a slot. 

Also, if I choose the mode "How to play" then does not load the dialog and the character therefore does not move.

Hey, I'm sorry, did you tried the game in another computer?
Maybe it has something to do with the requirements...

any chance for the save file if anyone has? Have found it difficult to beat the new stages and transferring save from previous version does not work. Wont recognize my old save and making me start all over =(

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Not a save file but if you start a new game, you'll be able to enter a secret code and skip the stages by using them. (just in version 1.2)
You can check them here.

Hope it helps!


For those who actually paid for this on patreon for whatever foolish reason, I pity you having to wait (pay) so many months only to receive subpar animations for the final update.


Final update (1.2) took way more time than expected due to my other job. I'm sorry if that was an inconvenience for my patrons and I'm thankful that many of them remained supportive after all.


Time delays due to irl events/just life happens and is completely acceptable. I was simply expecting more out of this update. Honestly wish you pushed it back even further if it meant getting better animations.

I having an issue saying that the application could not start correctly. I've reinstalled the game, replaced Microsoft visual, and DirectX. Is there a way to fix it and play the game?


hmm, try put these DLLs inside the game folder:
tell me if it works please!

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Yes, that did work thank you for the help.


great!! thanks for telling me, enjoy the game ^^

Hey Quidev I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your game and that I wanted to pick at your brain of the location of the mansion I played it twice and couldn't find it please tell or give a hint at where I can find it thank you and have a great da

Hi there, check the Shop! It's always good to invest in art =)


Yo, Quidev. First off, the game is great, nothing to complain about, but... Is there somewhere I can DM you with some suggestions I think it would be cool to add on the game?

You can enter the Discord server for that, but I'll probably stop adding stuff to Nayla's Castle after the last update that I'm finishing right now

cant seem to progress after arriving in the shower room. Whenever I try to play the next stage, the game just freezes.

really sorry to read that, if you go for a new game and that still happens, it's probably somthing to do with the requirements of the engine


Hallo! Thank you for continuing to develop the game <3

So, I own the old version that I bought way back when, how do I get this one? Do I have to buy it again? In any case, hope things are going most splendidly for you in all your affairs.


Hi, thank you for paying for the old version, (https://quidev.itch.io/naylas-castle-old) but that version was free or "pay what you want".

That old version is actually a demo, and it was also in a hentai-dev-support bundle. So that's why I had to separate the full new version from the old one, I'm affraid.

This version has more enemies, bosses and stages than the old one, also it will receive a new update soon.

Thank you for your support, means a lot!


Understood, quidev, and thank you for the clear response!

As soon as expedient, will hope to buy this then. Best of luck on all your projects <3

how do i save? the save button doesn't seem to do anything

It should work fine, when you press the Save button you should be able to load the game at the main menu whenever you saved it.

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I would love to try this out, but the Demo won't work. Keeps showing me an error for MSVCR110.dll not being found. I had seen below that it is a common problem, but I have everything that should run the game

Is there some other fix to this?

Fixed. After updating many files, it was actually not Win that needed the updates. It was the C++ that needed the new versions. I can play the demo now.

To anyone else seeing this issue, make sure Win is updated, DirectX is updated and the C++ is as well. Looking up the error code will give you some steps to fix this issue.

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I have waited for this game for a long time

Now I have it in both here, patreon and of course, now Steam as well


I wish I could mute the music though sometimes but it sounds great too !

Can't wait for the next game !

thank you so much I really appreciated it! =)

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Howdy, longtime lover of your game!! Would anyone be able to post a new completed save for 1.1. Had hard time unlocking the gallery in 1.0. Dont really want to have to go through the hassle of beating everything all over again just to be able to see and play the new content. I get that changes occurred with the new version but we should be able to carry over the progress; specially if it was completed before and not have to beat everything all over again.

Does the game support controller?

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Hello Mr.Q, i found bugs about the new level ‘mansion’.

i conquered ‘mansion’.and i re-entered it but exited midway to the bathroom.

then bug occurred:

i entered witch’s room,and When I went left, I automatically entered the mansion without interacting with the murals.

then i committed suicide at the mansion,When I returned to the witch's room again, the bug disappeared.

But a new bug was born!when i interacted with the murals,The game process got stuck, all operations failed, and i can only close the game...it means i can not enter mansion anymore unless start a new game...

it seems to be a serious bug. I will appreciate it if Mr.Q can fix it.

by the way,i did not use 1.0’s save file,so The bug may not come from it.


the new version is very nice,the vampire castle style deeply attracted me,Look forward to Mr.Q's new masterpiece!

I see, thanks for reporting it, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can ^^

Mr.Q sounds nice tho hehe. thanks again for your comment !

how do i copy my save state from 1.0 to work in 1.1 and whats new in this update?

Hi I'm affraid that copying your save file won't work on the new version.

This is the changelog: https://quidev.itch.io/naylas-castle/devlog/505675/v11-changelog 
I'm sorry, didn't posted it earlier!

Does Nayla have balls, and are there any other futas in the game?

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yes, there are other futas! no balls though

hello Quidev I have a question do i have to buy the fix's or is there a different way to get them because when i try to launch the game a get a system error saying "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Reinstallling the program may fix this problem and yes i have tried reinstalling 

It's a common issue, try this and tell me if it worked for you:


it did not

ok sorry but yes it did work thank you 


How do I interact with the mirror in the showers after defeating the boss? I have been trying to figure it out for a while now

press Q at it

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Awesome game, really love the art style. Great job on the animations as well. I was curious about a few things:

1. Would it be possible to add an option to interchange sprites for animations? Some of the animations are a bit boring or reused, would be fun to mix and match custom choices, turn a dominated animation into being dominated by switching sprites, or even randomize. If this isn't an option, is it possible to do this by editing some code on our end?

2. Any plans to increase the difficulty? Like resist grabs could be made more challenging by requiring multiple inputs rather than just mashing one button.

Good job on this excited to see the new content ^^

I don't have plans to add those options to Nayla's Castle, but I'm taking notes for future games since I agree with you.

btw thank you for commenting and playing!


is this game fully completed?


It is, but there is some extra content coming up soon ^^


10/10. definetly worth it, art is great, story good, gameplay relatively easy but still challenging and entertaining, ton of sex sceenes, lots of options. there are a few bugs here and there but nothing major.

love it, cant wait for the next update!


Hello, I downloaded the MSCVP.dll files fix, however i still cant even open the game. If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you


The same is happening to me

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello quidev. I really like your game and i think this game can be better with some changes.

I played demo a bit and as i see it some boss characters on menu which is a bad idea in my opinion. They are boss after all. They are stronger and secret characters. I think you should change this to keep the meaning of "Boss" word.  

The second thing is in old build mummy girl and lizard girl has same position. Every opponent has it's own position (if you don't count mummy and lizard ) and it makes every opponent special. I don't know if it is still like that but if it's you should change lizard's position.

I really think full nelson position and mating press position should be in this game. (Old build doesn't contain them idk about to new build)

Our heroine can have some sexy things to wear i think. Stockings and high heels would be sexy.

It's just my opinion and this game is yours after all. I don't want to cross the limits but my sincere thoughts are like this. Thanks for your work. 

will this game ever get an update or dlc?


yes! currently working on a new stage voted by patrons =)

Deleted post


Can the game be ported to mac?

No, it can't. I'm sorry ><

Sad :(  but thanks for the reply

I downloaded the demo, but the player won't launch because several MSCVP/MSCVR .dll files are apparently missing. I tried redownloading as well. Any ideas what could be causing the issue? Thanks.

(1 edit)

It's a pretty common issue, try to download the link below, restart your PC and tell me if it works!:



it seem that a bug occurred in Gallery. I viewed the Splash Art and entered one of them, but when i was back to the overview screen, i found that i can't choose another art…

By the way, the specific art is the hunter riding on Nayla, now i can only choose this art to view…

But the game is very nice! i love " monster-girls" subject, it gives much more possibilities for action design. The game difficulty is also very apporachable.

Hope Mr.Q produce more masterpieces later!

I'll check that bug, thanks a lot for reporting it!

Also thanks for your comment! I'm glad you liked the game ^^


demo feedback: I don't like that the climax part repeats three times (partly I just find it too long, partly because I don't like your ahegao faces, sorry) so I'd like to be able to press E to skip during a scene, not just before. And also to skip the cg images, sometimes I find they display too long. Just give me control over when I move on, by pressing E. I like when sexy stuff feels like part of gameplay, not a pause, so I make it fast.

Otherwise game seems nice, given the constraints of being a solo amateur passion project, I assume. Not enough futa-only games with actual gameplay and I like your character art is more on the thin side and how cartoonish it is. A little too easy for me.

this is a nice feedback, thanks a for playing, taking notes for future games ><

I already paid for fix #2, how can I download fix #3?
(2 edits)

wait, itch.io doesn't let you download it?
check this 


I am using a translation tool to comment, so I apologize if I said something strange.

I found this game on Twitter, played the demo version and loved it! I found myself buying it.

I look forward to future versions. I am rooting for you.


thank you so much!!

Hi! Love the game back when I played the 0.9 version but I've gotten an issue where the splash screen doesn't show up properly when you get them for the first time. Is there a fix for this?

Hi there, are you playing v1.0_fix3?

Yup, I downloaded that version earlier today.

Hi! I should let you know that it was a GPU driver issue on my end that got fixed recently so now it works as intended since I updated my drivers a few days ago.

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